The Struggle – II

Need a break from everything tonight…. Need a break from self…. Dunno what’s wrong…. Just that I’m too tired of it all today….. Wanna end it all…. But can’t….. And won’t…. That path leads to defeat and I’m no loser….. Have never lost and won’t be learning to anytime soon now…. I’m feeling so miserable right now but I dunno the reason behind it….

There’s this continuous pain, metaphysical pain that goes on and on and I don’t know how to tackle it. Courage is not the absence of fear. True courage is when you are shit scared and still you do your duty. True courage is doing your duty responsibly in the face of adversity.

Have been reading different blogs thinking they might help me more…..

Keep walking …


There’s a yearning
In my soul,
What I wait for
I don’t know.

Yearn for methinks,
The bygone days,
The simple joys,
The simple faith.

The promise of rains,
The darkened skies,
The swaying trees,
The hazy lanes.

The parched earth,
The thirsty birds,
The lazy bees,
The tired men.

From my window,
I see it all,
Awaiting breathless
For first rainfall.

“There you come,
With silent steps,
Or a fanfare mighty,
With torrents of rain!

You sing melodies,
On my rooftop.
I listen and breathe
Your enchanted songs!”

The whole world
Dances, rejoices,
Bathes and cleanses,
In your waters purifies!

From my window,
I see it all,
Am born anew,
Body, mind & soul.

I laugh, I twirl,
I sing, I swirl.
I tread lightly
On dusky clouds!

I shout out loud,
Throw away the shroud,
I learn the beauty,
Of the truly alive!