The Elysium…

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A refreshing breath,
A whispering breeze,
A sweet succour,
An everlasting ease.

Troubled heart,
Silent in peace,
A symphony of waves,
Harmony in release.

Worry I did, every moment in my life,
Now in this end, I finally realise,
Pointless was my struggle, my strife.
My slate wiped clean by a single glimpse of paradise.

My soul tears free,
Its corporeal existence ceased,
Abides the celestial decree,
The Elysium achieved.

Being Stupid…


How can love be good when it hurts so bad? How can relationships be good when they take away your independence? How can emotions be a virtue and a lack of them inhuman when they cloud your reason, dirty your mind and make everything unsure and uncertain! Free will and free mind are the unique characteristics of being human… An emotional state steals away your humanity! A perfectly logical mind is the utopia of the rational man… You say there’s a hell! I say – Hell yes! An overly emotional person is in the hell of her own making!

Bidding Adieu…

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Never wanted to say goodbye,
Never wished to utter a sad sigh,
Never to find you gone from my side,
Never thought I would be alone on this ride.
Seems like it was just yesterday,
We were young and so in love,
Sunny and bright our days and nights,
Laughter filled the space between us.
Now the day has grown old, the light’s retreated,
I wonder when fights became our norm,
The lies and accusations grew tenfold,
The hurt in your eyes cut me to the bone!
All that was left was the final act,
Of this little play, now the curtain’s dropped.
We make a bow to the empty house,
The dreams shattered, littered piles!
And still the goodbye flays me alive,
Knife-edged pain shreds my heart,
I break like a million pieces of glass,
Bloodied, battered – an unrecognizable mass.

Inner Storm…


A maelstrom inside,
Buffeted on all sides,
By the violent currents,
In this body reside.

Churning ocean waves,
Lift and drown,
Slippery ground,
No foothold around.

Run and slide,
Down the steep slope,
Descend in the mire,
Emotions on fire!

Try I do,
To find the eye
Of the cyclone ,
Trapped in my mind.

A most turbulent night,
A hazy respite in sight,
New dawn I welcome,
Sweet promise of yet another night to come…


Oh leave me alone in my world!
So magical, so imaginary
Let me go, leave me be
In my entrancing, enchanting world!
Oh so beautiful, so dangerous world
A mirage in parallel dimension.
An ignis fatuus, shadowed, veiled.
A delusion of my fertile, trained mind.
No gravity, no laws of the nature I know.
Exist it does, on another plane of reality.
Plants and animals so beautiful yet deadly.
Each day ushers a struggle against sanity.
In my world, no human breathes,
Except the ones that I let live.
No cheating selves, no lying peeps.
Only those on the basis of need.
Seasons change in a blink.
In myriad colours the evening tinges.
The sky and ground are upside down.
I fly around on my invisible wings.
My world, it’s so enchanting, entrancing!
Makes my life rich, such beauty it brings.
It underscores the meaning of my existence.
Can’t live without the daily dreams.
My world is truer than the reality surrounding me.
All the tangibles paler than my musings.
I am the creator of an alternate universe.
The maker and destroyer of my own Atlantis!
Omnipotent. omnipresent and all-knowing,
Whether past, present or future.
All are pawns on this chessboard of imagination,
Against my own self, I lose or win.

The Beast In Me…


The beast in me
Wakes each monsoon,
Rises to the surface,
Wants to be free.
Clamors in my soul,
It paws my skin,
Ripping it to pieces,
Stalks out and roars.
Round the year,
I rein it in,
But with the first shower,
It claims me.
Bestial nature,
Reduced to primitive promptings,
The veneer of civilization,
The conditioning runs thin.
Rages with the storms,
Dances naked in the torrents,
Dazzles like the lightening,
Elemental it is.
The beast in me,
Hungers and lusts,
A raw, earthy mating,
Craves physical touch.
The beast in me,
One with the universe,
Transcends the material barrier,
Beyond the veil it goes.
Dripping in sensuality,
Marked with wonder,
Unravelling mysteries,
Of the dark, human nature.
And when the rains are done,
It goes back to slumber,
Its experiences and discoveries,
Soaked in cells and soul.
Every monsoon,
An incremental awakening,
On the physical and spiritual planes,
The gift of the beast in me!

Musings In The Night…


Oh feet so weary!
Pray for dusk to tarry!
Relax and renew,
Tired muscles and sinews.
In a soft, soft bed
All worries are shed.
Snooze on the sly,
Sing a sweet lullaby.
Sleep all night,
Wake up to light.
Dream landscapes,
All sizes and shapes.
Monsters and fairy,
Realms enchanting and dreary.
Or just the daily to-dos,
Revisit scenes and views.
In the embrace of deepest slumber,
Hear the voices of the lowest timbre.
Speaks the Soul a solemn vow,
To be with you forever and now.
Dawn skims the corners of night sky,
Darkness breathes one last sigh!