Question Mark…

I hear words

That don’t exist

An extra sensory perception

Which get me labelled crazy.


I feel emotions

Strong and intense

They ignore it saying

It is my accursed nature.


Confusions reign

So much exists

My eternal bane.


Blunt and sharp

No one to share

Say I unnecessarily harp.


Pale and wane

Too much too less

A giant a wraith


Material metaphysical

Today tomorrow

In truth in vain.




No one sees them

So what if

They are hidden

They need none

To validate

Their presence

Their authenticity of it.


No one knows

Where they flow

Down from the eyes

Or travel do they

A lifetime in a few inches?


What do they bring?

Forgiveness, penitence, succour

Or just

More of their kind?


My whole world is

Today drowned whole

All I see is water

The salty kind one

It stings my eyes

Suffocates my breath

Slowly softly

I drown with it

One last embraces

As it gives me.

The Struggle…

M so tired

Of it all today

Don’t wanna be strong

But there’s no other escape

No alternative I see

No option comes to me

No multiple choice question

Fear it’s a subjective one

And still I m tired

Just want to give up

A lull I need

A break from all this

The drama of daily

The choice to be pally

With any I meet

Just laughingly greet

I wanna be quiet

With myself and me

No one, none

To break the solitude

But I also know

What I want is

Just a dream

The reality is different

The reality gives me grief.

So I sew a smile on my lip

See that nothing makes it dip

Strengthen my back

And set myself to walk

The thorny path

Does make me baulk

Then I’m reminded of

When the going gets tough

The tough get going

And I set out again

Go on and on

The end in sight

The pathway long.


I stay away from you

I do not mingle

The way I used to

There’s something in me

That craves the new

The old is gone

No time to blue.

There’s nothing left

That we can salvage

Just lonely carcass

To rend and burn

A festering mass

Away I turn

From this wreckage

Naively we called

A relationship was it?

Or a frothing mess of emotions

Too strong, too overwhelming

In the eye of the storm

Some peace to be found.

Turn I do now

Take some simple steps

In the direction

Opposite to you

Never thought it would be

So easy to give up

Silence reigns my soul

Not a single sigh does it make.

The time we spent together

As if doesn’t exist.

Whatever this was

It no more is.

Just the aloneness

The singularity that’s me.

Blank Page…

At the blank page

I stare

The words I know not

To fill it with

The beauty or ugliness

Dare me, glare at me.

The days I have lived

The nights I have spent

Yearn for a reckoning

A written down account.

A shame I feel

Deep in my being

Judged will I be

By this world’s standards

Messed up a little

Or more than ever

No morning

No night

Caught in the twilight.

Words – they come to me

Beautiful, ugly

I try to make them my own

They slip from my grasp.

Strives my light

To hold them

Without my night

But they want to slide

So my darkness thickens

The words then cower

Want to escape

In the absence of light

They are caught

In my shadow-net.

The light then comes on

Washes them clean

Not a spot of darkness

Clings to them.

Battered, bruised

Though they be

They are all

That’s left to me.

Oh precious

So precious

They were to me

Everyone left

But they couldn’t too

Such solitude

I couldn’t take.

A shame I feel

Deep in my being

I imprisoned that

I loved wholeheartedly.

Wonder I do now

The concept of love

Is like, obsession, possession

Freedom – what is it?

What value is love

If it comes with fetters

No chains for me

Give me the wings.

Oh words, my precious

I set you free.

The twilight is my prison

But you I can set free.

You are my release

My flight of freedom.

When the twilight gets darker

The night its marker

Sing me a lullaby

Soothe me to sleep.

And on this blank page

A new beginning

We may make

Together, you and me

A smile yet we may fake.

In Burning…

Burning up I am

My skin sizzling

Drop of cold water

Dancing, misting

‘pon my skin

The haze of heat

Beating me down

Inside out

Geyser of

Sulphur springs

No succour

No pardon

A pyre of words

Daily burn

Immortal fire

Drapes around

Deadly embrace

Nothing but ashes

Rise up from it

Like a phoenix

Burn and burn

Mix and churn

New life

New chances

New dreams

New me.

Burn and burn

Mix and churn

Life gone

Chances squandered

Dead dreams

In ashes, me.

Phoenix no more

No sun to see

A regular human

Bonded, unfree.


Far far away

A never place

No escape

Dark, dark landscape.

Twilight dreams

Stifled screams

Crushed essence

Stale fragrance.

Soulless villain

Slowly killin’

Suffocating voice

Inescapable choice.

Crucible wrought

Or mother’s sloth

Burned anew

Wroth renew.

Won’t spare I those who did this to me

I’ll avenge me like Hell’s Fury

Cross my path and I’ll kill thee

No rainbows lovely, dark, thirsty I be!