A Lost One…

A lost one

Enchanting, ethereal

A woman

Dew kissed lips

Such cliché to her

An ode do I write

Or a poem.

Lost is she

In the forests

My will-o’-the-wisp

Flawless facets

Softest blooming flowers

Her laughter.

Golden hued

Wrapped in sunlight

Eyes so old

Pain and pleasure

Both they know

Such wisdom

On her brow

A lost one

She remains

My greatest mystery.

Not Knowing…

Not knowing where I was

Not knowing where I am

Not knowing where I wanna end.

But there’s some place I wanna go

Some place that I wanna be

Some place that’ll speak to me.

Over the mountains

Beyond the seas

Part the skies and I will see.

The place of my dreams

The place of my soul

The place with beauty.

The autumn is long gone

The spring will be along

And I’ll dance in the meadows.

A fell voice in the winds

Asks for the boons

And mine will come true soon.

Not knowing where I was

Not knowing where I am

But it’s all okay

I live today.

His Goddess…

His Goddess, was she

Worshipped he, her feet.

Sung praises by his lips

Body and soul to meet.

They kissed in the gloaming,

Heavenly passions, unfurling

Sweet choir, in their joining.

Abiding promises, in their binding.

The cadence of their love,

The ebb and flow of the world.

Breathing softly in aftermath

In his arms, she lay curled.

Kept staring, did he

At the slight smile of hers

Ne’er noticed any difference

Bent down to kiss.

But just ‘fore their lips touched

Saw her edges looked hazy

Light seeping out of her

Featherlight, lazy.

Screamed his grief to heavens

Never once she looked back

His will-o’-the-wisp, be she.

His Goddess, was she.


The night weighs me down

When the world slumbers by.

Eyes unfixed, unseeing

On the horizon to lighten

Up so that

There’s clutter and clatter

Daily humdrum of life

The chores and errands

Myriad things to fix.

By the by, the day passes

Twilight zone emerges then.

Heavy soul, heavy sigh

The drudgery of darkness.

Counting the seconds

Time slowly slithers by

Shadows ‘pon the world

Coiled in its tangles.

See it all, do I

With eyes unfixed, unseeing

O’er the horizon, they wander.

Churning, frothing in depths

Never becalmed the waters.

Feelings in the grey zone

In Shadowlands, my existence.

Nameless be thou

Who banished me to this.