Motivation can come from any unexpected source… So, friends, do not discount that graffiti on the sidewalk or the hurtful words of your so-called enemy… Whatever the source maybe, welcome motivation always. You never know when it may become your next great idea…

Keep walking…

An Elegant System…

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As you sow, so shall you reap…. What an elegant system!

Who needs the fear of hell or the lure of heaven at the end of life to improve oneself, to perform good deeds, to be kind and generous and helpful to family, friends, foes, strangers, all… Heaven and hell are in your own mind…

It’s simple…

As you sow, so shall you reap…

Take control of your own life, your own actions… No deity can help you if you refuse to help yourself…

Stand Alone, Stand Tall!


Don’t you love being alone in the crowd?
Millions of stars in the universe!
A part of it and yet apart from it?
Don’t you adore the anonymity it gives?
You could be anyone and get lost in it.
Lost but not truly lost!
As you would have you to know and identify.
The mass of life passing you by
Like a rolling stone – each rolling, each unique.
Alone but not as alone as you could be
If you lost your self, your identity to the ebb and flow of life around you.
So you stand apart from the crowd.
How does it matter so long you have yourself for company?
And that of a couple one or two just like you.
Being different is no chore, no fault, no sin.
How would you feel if you lied to yourself and you were untrue?
Wouldn’t that be the worst kind of betrayal?
Worse than being apart from the crowd, alone in it?
Unbind the chains you’ve wrapped around you,
Change is the only constant – even time, the mightiest, falls!
Stand alone, stand tall – the weight of one is no weight at all.

A Lil Messed Up…

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So I am messed up
I own it up
How do you live a life
Without right turns and wrong?

So you are messed up
You don’t own it up
You think you’re not
Then you are lying to self!

I’m not ashamed
I proudly proclaim
Have made thousand mistakes
Gonna make a thousand more.

They are all mine
None can take them away
Pieces of my life
The total sum of all.

Every bit of wisdom
Learning I have made.
Every bad decision
Merits a mention.

So I am messed up
Flavors of life
The good, bad and ugly
Just add to the spice.

So we are messed up
Rhythms of world
Survival of fittest
The weak ones are culled.


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Millstone, lodestone
All the stones I know,
None of the precious ones
I’m just the heavy one!

Round your neck I go,
Bow you down with my weight.
On your back if you lift,
I move your center of gravity.

I am a heavy load,
On your free soul,
Crush your joy beneath my feet,
Your days I foul!

My selfishness is exemplary,
I drone on narcissistically,
My joys and sorrows you have to know,
My mood swings legendary!

So take me off,
Throw me away,
Give up the burden
And fly away!

Why sell yourself short?


Don’t sell yourself short. Never sell yourself short because if you don’t believe in “you”, if you don’t trust “yourself” then who else will. You are the best person to know yourself, to judge yourself! Then why sell yourself short? Why belittle yourself? Why put yourself down? There seems no reason, at least none logical ones! And yet I see people belittling themselves, never achieving their true potential. I even find myself doing so on occasions. And then I wonder why? Why would a mostly rational person like me do that? I asked myself and arrived at some simple yet stunning revelations.

The most prominent yet the most destructive of all is – the couch potato syndrome! Getting so used to your current situation that despite of being tired of it and knowing how harmful it is, you are so comfortable in it that you force yourself to make do with it. It maybe your job, your relationship – any facet of your life – whatever it is, you make your peace with it and call yourself grown-up, responsible, matured! They are just some more words to push down yourself, your self-confidence. The second is – giving up your dreams and making the best with the second or even the third-rate. Why? Maybe because following your dreams takes more time, more efforts, more patience than you have to give! Maybe because of the peer pressure, family pressure to grow up, be responsible and move on with ┬álife! But mostly because we become more and more scared of living as we grow up, of standing alone, taking the challenge and following through our dreams.

What we forget is that while moving on with life is necessary, what we “often” leave behind are the best parts of our “selves” – the light, carefree nature, the ready smiles, the zest for adventure, the ease and comfort of letting go! So many things which defined us, delighted us, made us into better persons, helped us evolve – just vanish along the way. What remains behind is the tired husk of man bowed down by responsibilities, commitments – so many of them! In the eagerness to grow up, we give up the curiosity of childhood. In order to conform, we give up individuality. That we yearned for in our youth remains now just a silly, far-fetched dream. We lose ourselves, our belief in the inner self, the strength, the trust, the absolute confidence in our dreams – we put ourselves down, we make do! We live a half-life, an unfulfilled, unsatisfactory, miserable half-life!

Ask yourself why! Life’s only once – Live full!

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