At The End Of The Road…


Tired old husk,
A solemn soft dusk,
The closing of a chapter
At the end of a laughter.

The ceasing of the tide,
The last joy ride.
A life lived enough
X times easy, x times tough.

Some actions good and bad,
Of moments dark and sad.
One last fallacy
A yearning for normalcy.

A lingering trace of presence,
An affirmation of existence,
The comfort of a loving hug,
On the heartstrings, an insistent tug.

A leaf pressed between the pages,
A memory mellowed with ages,
A smile, a step, a hushed silence,
A last glance lit up with radiance.


The Parting Kiss…


It was just a kiss,
A kiss it was,
That sealed my lips!
But the meaning was deeper,
Deeper than the seas!

He was departing from me
For ages unknown.
Leaving me to see,
To care for his unborn child.
His sorrow, his agony,
I could but feel!

There he lay,
His dreams half-dreamt,
His heart slowing,
I stood by him,
My emotions stirring,
A fading portrait I was seeing…

He said it all in his kiss,
Spoke through it these words to me:
“If life be there after this, dearest,
I’ll wait for you an eternity,
In the land of angels,
In perfect bliss!”

And when he carried on,
His journey to lands unseen,
Neither sob nor say,
Did my mouth betray
‘Cause my love wasn’t snatched away
In my womb it snugly lay!

Phoenix Rises…

Rise like phoenix from the ashes!
Don’t stop, don’t wait, just go ahead,
Go on, walk on, on and on,
Rise like phoenix from the ashes!
Never tire, never ease, just on and on!
Never cry, never freeze, move on and on!
Trip and fall, Stand each time tall,
Rise like phoenix from the ashes!
Struggle, trouble, myriad defeats,
All will cease, finally cease.
Victory, triumph, glory, joy,
The final stand, the final cry!
Rise like phoenix from the ashes!
Beyond the bloody veil,
Is the promised land where,
Wishes come true, dreams to life flare,
In the last moment, all laid bare!
Don’t stop, don’t wait, just go ahead,
Rise like phoenix from the ashes!