Sultry Summer…


Sultry summer,
You make me sweat,
You make me yearn,
For the coolness of rain.

Sultry summer,
The haze is in the air,
The heat everywhere,
Red dust arises.

Sultry summer,
You renew the world,
An end of the old life,
You usher in a new one.

Sultry summer,
You take away the tiredness of the year,
You give birth to new dreams,
New hopes you bring at the end of May.

Sultry summer,
I always hated your show,
Heat, dirt, dust and flies,
Always cursed for you to go!

Sultry summer,
But now I know,
You sustain the life,
From the word go!


There’s a yearning
In my soul,
What I wait for
I don’t know.

Yearn for methinks,
The bygone days,
The simple joys,
The simple faith.

The promise of rains,
The darkened skies,
The swaying trees,
The hazy lanes.

The parched earth,
The thirsty birds,
The lazy bees,
The tired men.

From my window,
I see it all,
Awaiting breathless
For first rainfall.

“There you come,
With silent steps,
Or a fanfare mighty,
With torrents of rain!

You sing melodies,
On my rooftop.
I listen and breathe
Your enchanted songs!”

The whole world
Dances, rejoices,
Bathes and cleanses,
In your waters purifies!

From my window,
I see it all,
Am born anew,
Body, mind & soul.

I laugh, I twirl,
I sing, I swirl.
I tread lightly
On dusky clouds!

I shout out loud,
Throw away the shroud,
I learn the beauty,
Of the truly alive!