Broken Wings…

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Broken wings,
There you be,
Awaiting things,
The dreams you see.

The promise of youth,
Glory of pink,
Shrieks uncouth,
No worries to think.

Now it’s gone,
So far far away,
Destiny’s pawn,
You hold no sway.

Broken wings,
It’s a new beginning.
The East wind brings,
Glad tidings!

Broken wings,
No tear to mend,
No ill clings,
No wound to tend.

Broken wings,
You are healed.
Race the wind,
Dreams fulfilled.

Soar on high,
Blue skies are home.
No earthly tie,
Free soul to roam!

In The Driver Seat…

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If we spend all our lives reacting to the various stimuli around us,
Then when’s the time to stand up and act?
What difference in  being animals and humans?
If we can’t take control of our lives and make of it what we always wanted to?
If this realization is now,
So the time is now!​
Become the master of your own destiny,
Make your dreams come true…
Live the life you always dreamt of or die trying.
At least then you would have been true to yourself…
Why react when you can act?
Nothing comes easy in life!
Why take the easy way out?
If it has to be difficult, so be it…
Make the most of it…
Do what you were born for…
Be firm in your convictions…
Believe in your inner strength…
Remove the self doubts…
The time is now!
Take control…

A Guide to Harrowing Emotions: Part – I

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Emotions trip me up…badly…. I don’t understand them much… Especially, the particularly intense, persistent ones which refuse to go away even when you give them some time to stop feeling special and become normal. In one of these phases, I decided to analyze that which cannot be easily analyzed, the premise being that if I understand them then maybe I’ll be able to rationalize my reaction to them somewhat, if not completely or at least will be able to come up with a plan to monitor/handle them instead of just going along with them and blowing off the lid every time… So, when the next time I, again, am in an emotional dilemma and being my best melodramatic self, then at least I will know the best way to handle it, to come out of it…maybe even feel completely normal through it…

Following are few of the guidelines I came up with after the analysis and they have been pretty useful to me in the past two months that I have been using them. They sound whacky but are very useful nonetheless!

1. Identify: Don’t be blind to your emotions… Identify and label each and every one of them and find the cause because if you know them then there is low probability that they will screw you up or you’ll screw up yourself over unidentified emotions…

2. Acceptance: Once you have identified the emotion and the cause of it, accept it rather than just struggling with it. The more you struggle, the harder it will get to solve the problem… So, accept that you are feeling whatever emotion it is that you are feeling, however exalted or debased it may be.

3. Plan of action: If you know which of your emotions tripped you up in the first place and you accept them, then at least you will know how to straighten the mess, to tackle the problems caused due to them, to take the right, well-informed decision instead of just letting the emotional you in the driver seat(which will only lead to a head-on collision…nothing else), to plan things after the fiasco( but probably it would be better if you try not to screw up in the first place)…

4. Sticky emotions: Once a particular emotion catches hold of you and doesn’t let go or you take hold of it and don’t let go… You keep wasting your time thinking about it again and again and then some more as if you haven’t already wasted enough time over it… Learn to let go of these sticky emotions if you can’t find a solution to it … And don’t think that you ought to be able to make a rational decision any time soon because they aren’t called emotions for nothing… So try to take things with a pinch of salt and let go. Take on each emotion as it comes; identify, catalogue, characterize and if you can  find a solution well and good, if not then final step: let go!!!

5. Dissociate: If the emotion pertains to a person and you have associated that person or emotion with things you like/enjoy (like a song, place, movie, music, food, etc.), then learn to dissociate because whenever any of these familiar things crop on the horizon, they won’t crop up alone… They’ll bring the emotion/person along with them and then you’ll have to deal with that and basically spoil your time that you could have spent enjoying and having a good time…

6. Take a break: Give yourself a break from overwhelming emotions now and then so as to operate at your optimum levels, so that all your mental cylinders are firing at maximum capacity… Give yourself a break so that you can sit back, relax and then tackle the problem with a fresh mind, a fresh perspective and a fresh objectivity!

So, what do you think?

Summoning The Demon…


Inhuman desires pave
The way to inhuman deeds.
In a dark cave,
A summoning circle leads.

Breathing brimstone,
Noxious fumes,
Sulfurous overtone,
The demon looms.

Wings and claws,
Bloodred eyes,
Heathen laws,
Spewing lies.

Master of illusions,
A puppet maker,
Harbinger of dark visions,
The undertaker.

Beguiles and seduces,
Through desires of flesh,
To ashes it reduces,
Any human so rash.

Tempt you it will,
Through bargains and deals,
A cavernous appetite to fill,
The broken bodies – it’s meals.

In the form of a child,
It will enter your room,
Through its cries wild,
It will seal your doom.

And once it has appeased its foul, hungry hole,
No blood, bone or body left to tell,
Drag it will your immortal soul,
An eternity to burn in the pits of hell!

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The Witching Hour…


The witching hour,
Spawns dark spells,
By the witch’s tower,
In the bogs and dells.

The witching hour,
Innocents sleep peacefully,
The wicked one’s power,
Steals their essence gracefully.

The witching hour,
The witch chants and cackles,
Her victims cower,
Beneath the spikes and shackles.

The witching hour,
She reigns it all,
Cauldrons spit and shower,
Potions of darkness and fall.

The witching hour,
The witch brewing her evil,
Her face hideous and sour,
Dances with the devil.

The witching hour,
Her breath bloody and rank,
Draws sweetness from night flower,
Scenes of death – pale and dank.

The witching hour,
Swollen with greed,
Felled by poisoned dower,
To the crows – her, we feed!