With him everything is

I often do ponder upon

This behaviour of his.

Strong and silent types

Of few words, the man

But betray do his eyes

All that they can.

Dotes upon me does he

Makes my wishes come true

Yet never shares himself

Even thoughts so few.

Complicated is everything

This relationship messed up

An emotional black hole

Here’s my confession fessed up.



For you, I yearn

Spent so many years searching

Yet nothing did I learn.

Life this is

A pretty merry-go-round

Pain and pleasure in circles

Death the stoppage sound.

But oblivion I yearned

In many avenues and walks

Listened to great lectures

In saloons, great talks.

‘Tis a simple truth

That I forgot

Acuity was for the living

Oblivion, the dead’s lot.