A Lost One…

A lost one

Enchanting, ethereal

A woman

Dew kissed lips

Such cliché to her

An ode do I write

Or a poem.

Lost is she

In the forests

My will-o’-the-wisp

Flawless facets

Softest blooming flowers

Her laughter.

Golden hued

Wrapped in sunlight

Eyes so old

Pain and pleasure

Both they know

Such wisdom

On her brow

A lost one

She remains

My greatest mystery.

Not Knowing…

Not knowing where I was

Not knowing where I am

Not knowing where I wanna end.

But there’s some place I wanna go

Some place that I wanna be

Some place that’ll speak to me.

Over the mountains

Beyond the seas

Part the skies and I will see.

The place of my dreams

The place of my soul

The place with beauty.

The autumn is long gone

The spring will be along

And I’ll dance in the meadows.

A fell voice in the winds

Asks for the boons

And mine will come true soon.

Not knowing where I was

Not knowing where I am

But it’s all okay

I live today.

Feeling Blessed…

Peace and love are two wonderful, powerful feelings… To feel them simultaneously is a blessing…

There are very few instances when one feels both at the same time… Being in an undemanding, uncomplicated relationship is one of them… The feeling of not being constantly under a microscope, not being judged is so completely liberating… You get to be who you really are…who you wanna be… Free!

And it can happen so only in friendship… With a friend… I’ve come to know that slowly but surely…

Thank you, my friend, for being there for me… I just hope I’m there for you too…


The night is mine

The darkness’s languor

Sweet love

Sweetest succour.

Thoughts of you

When are welcome

To you do I

Surrender now.

The light time hours

Are given to them

The world and its wife

The lust, the bedlam.

In the solitude of dark

Opens up my soul

Questing its matching piece

Giving up every thought foul.

Evening’s allure on me

A siren song it casts

Promises of wildest love

Deepest love holds me fast.


Motivation can come from any unexpected source… So, friends, do not discount that graffiti on the sidewalk or the hurtful words of your so-called enemy… Whatever the source maybe, welcome motivation always. You never know when it may become your next great idea…

Keep walking…

A Dream…

Somewhere out there

Like the age-yellowed pages

Of a much-read book

Is a love that you yearned for

A love that you deserve.

Like the journey of sun

Towards the evening

The sacrifice of night

Towards the dawn

There is one love

Waiting for you.

The insistence of the river

To flow down to the sea

The thundering of storm clouds

Bold declaration of ardour

In its own time

It will come to you.

So take a deep breath

Stay just another moment

Maybe at the next bend

In the road it’s waiting

With the sweetest hug

Or surprise o’er your shoulders.


Whenever the day feels extra heavy, remember to count the blessings you have in the form of people you have who love you unconditionally… Believe me, there are always those who love you just the way you are and that makes all the difference… Why struggle to earn the love and appreciation of those who would want to change even a hair on your body before offering the tiniest morsel of their regard to you… If someone wants you to change to love you then they are not worthy of having you in their lives…

Learn to love yourself…

Learn to value yourself…