Are You a First Time Home Buyer?


Are you a first time home buyer? Then you will have an entire list of things to check off before you actually buy a home. If you are an Indian aspiring homeowner then you have the added burden of coming up with around 10%-20% down payment amount for buying your first home. Most of us try to come up with this down payment amount in the form of our savings, borrowings from friends/family, dissolving financial assets or selling an old property if one has or taking a personal loan from a bank. These are the most common ways of raising funds for meeting your home down payment needs.

I am sure many Indians must know of the DPA Grants that are available to citizens of other countries like USA, Australia, etc when it comes to buying a home if only because it makes their life easier and helps them to settle down in the home of their choice. Limited down payment capital means having a financial cap on the kind of home you can buy for your first home. Then you have to make do with whatever homes are available in your price range.

Now, thanks to the HomeCapital Program, assistance is available to Indian first time home buyers as well. The assistance is in the form of up to half of the home down payment required and that, too, interest-free. Following are the eligibility criteria for the HomeCapital down payment assistance:

  • You must be salaried and employed with a reputed company
  • You must satisfy credit standards of partner financial institutions for down payment assistance
  • The partner assessment parameters relate to monthly income levels, existing financial obligations, financial track record, education, and work experience
  • You must qualify for a mortgage loan from leading financial institutions
  • The program is applicable to participating properties only

Thus, now is an interesting time to be a first time home buyer in India!


So I Came to Know About HomeCapital…

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Have been working for a long time now…so yes the question of buying a home now has naturally cropped up in my family. Have started doing the research for it too… But my savings are falling a little short of the down payment required for all the properties that I aspire to buy a home in. I don’t want to go the usual way of borrowing from friends and family to meet my down payment needs.

Luckily, the option of home down payment assistance is now available for Indian first time home buyers or so my friend tells me. HomeCapital is the pioneer company who has started this service for the Indian first time home buyers. Given that all other parameters remain constant and you have a good credit score, now you can be eligible for up to half of the down payment assistance required through the HomeCapital program. The even better part – at zero cost EMI.

They, also, have a list of really awesome properties around Mumbai & Bangalore present on their portal to choose from while looking for your dream home. All in all, the HomeCapital Program seems really promising for first time home buyers like me. Hence, here I am trying to do my bit of creating awareness about it so that the Program reaches and benefits as many people as possible.

His Goddess…

His Goddess, was she

Worshipped he, her feet.

Sung praises by his lips

Body and soul to meet.

They kissed in the gloaming,

Heavenly passions, unfurling

Sweet choir, in their joining.

Abiding promises, in their binding.

The cadence of their love,

The ebb and flow of the world.

Breathing softly in aftermath

In his arms, she lay curled.

Kept staring, did he

At the slight smile of hers

Ne’er noticed any difference

Bent down to kiss.

But just ‘fore their lips touched

Saw her edges looked hazy

Light seeping out of her

Featherlight, lazy.

Screamed his grief to heavens

Never once she looked back

His will-o’-the-wisp, be she.

His Goddess, was she.


Get on with your life – says everyone… But how do you do so when you are stuck on the same old questions that have been plaguing you all of your existence… Do you just forget them? Or let go of them? Or make your peace with them? What do you do?

Peace – the elusive siren with her enslaving song… There she goes, on her merry way, snaring the wary and the unwary alike in her thrall… I hear her from a safe distance… And yet she’s made her stay in my being… I yearn for her, neither strongly nor softly, just enough that I can’t repose without making her my own…

Ah Peace! Where art thou? I question and crave your being, your existence… Yet, I’m yours, ever willingly…