A Lost One…

A lost one

Enchanting, ethereal

A woman

Dew kissed lips

Such cliché to her

An ode do I write

Or a poem.

Lost is she

In the forests

My will-o’-the-wisp

Flawless facets

Softest blooming flowers

Her laughter.

Golden hued

Wrapped in sunlight

Eyes so old

Pain and pleasure

Both they know

Such wisdom

On her brow

A lost one

She remains

My greatest mystery.



Such a petty word

Connotations strong.

Mangy cur

Skinny or fur

Ugly beast.

Shatters all

Illusions disappear

Thoughts remain.

Super glue try

Pieces galore

Jagged ends.

Steals in slowly

Calm substance

Or calamitous instance.

I wonder…

How can I be so sorted at one thing and so completely clueless at others? Is it the way that brains are manufactured? Or something we learn or cultivate along the path of becoming an adult? Is it congenital or the nurture and experiences that we get along the way?

All I know

Keep walking…

And maybe just maybe you’ll reach your goal….🙂

Not Knowing…

Not knowing where I was

Not knowing where I am

Not knowing where I wanna end.

But there’s some place I wanna go

Some place that I wanna be

Some place that’ll speak to me.

Over the mountains

Beyond the seas

Part the skies and I will see.

The place of my dreams

The place of my soul

The place with beauty.

The autumn is long gone

The spring will be along

And I’ll dance in the meadows.

A fell voice in the winds

Asks for the boons

And mine will come true soon.

Not knowing where I was

Not knowing where I am

But it’s all okay

I live today.

Questions… Choices…

To be or not to be…. To do or not to do… To think or not to think… To let go or not to let go… To be brave or not to be brave… Are some of the questions that I daily struggle with… Sometimes I make the right choice…sometimes I don’t… But darned right I make them… No one and nothing can take that away from me even if the question is to give up or not to give up… That’s the only thing that I have. The choice! So however muddled it might be…. It’s mine to make…

Feeling Blessed…

Peace and love are two wonderful, powerful feelings… To feel them simultaneously is a blessing…

There are very few instances when one feels both at the same time… Being in an undemanding, uncomplicated relationship is one of them… The feeling of not being constantly under a microscope, not being judged is so completely liberating… You get to be who you really are…who you wanna be… Free!

And it can happen so only in friendship… With a friend… I’ve come to know that slowly but surely…

Thank you, my friend, for being there for me… I just hope I’m there for you too…