The Journey…

Well met, my friend, well met

The paths of our lives

Twisted and twined

Sometimes together

Sometimes apart

Journeyed far

On the road

Different experiences

Yet the fabric

Remained the same.

The basic nature

Never changed

Well met, my friend

At some bend

In the path

We’ll meet again.

Welcome Anytime…

The rain is welcome anytime
From the cloudy skies
On the boughs of trees
Life’s blood free.

Pouring on my roof tiles
You can hear it for miles
Happy melody it plays
Lightning, thunder for days.

Gets into my hair
Crouches inside my lair.
Soaks into my skin
Blood and rain are kin.

Both course through my body
Renewing, repairing, rejuvenating
Gushing is the flow
Always music in tow.


How difficult is it
To listen to someone?
A piece of cake
Or a walk through hot coals?

Listening and understanding
How often do we do?
Normally it’s all talk
Noises that we make too.

Empathy is lacking
In populace general
When did we become so hard-hearted
To stop to console even a child in tears?

Empathy was once the byword,
The defining feature
It’s found in animals too
Where fail did this creature?

Empathy not sympathy
Walking in someone’s shoes
All talk that we hear
Emulating it, we do fear.

It’s time to wake again
Ne’er a better moment for it
To listen, to empathize
To bring a smile to a child’s cry.

Innocence Lost…

Born into a cell
Grow like an animal
Where did it get
The characteristics of human?

Brain say some
Some say opposable thumb
Others say a heart that beats
All ideas I shun.

Muscles and bones
Just maketh a body
Mind who gives?
A question I lobby.

Read books and scriptures,
The concept of God
Or is it a universal intelligence
I know not.

A grand design
The pieces of chess
Who plays with whom
Or a solo test?

Innocence in ignorance
Bodies busy as ants
Who ponders the existential questions
Just fools and savants.

Innocence then lost,
Hankers to know
Is knowledge bliss
Or a poisonous flow?


Life – what does it even mean?

From the moment of birth

Destined to die

And yet the lifelong struggle.

So many unwise

The constant hunger

To achieve something

To arrive somewhere

Meaningless effort all.

Death – what does it mean?

A soulless black hole.

Filled with the debris of souls

Flotsam and jetsam in the flood.

Or just a laying down of carcass

To take on a new one

A promise of rebirth

Or just a vicious circle.


Who would have ever thought

Silence to speak a million words.

Words aplenty, here and there spoken

Just if one was to listen to them.

Comforting, agonizing,

Full of recriminations, anger.

Sometimes happy and peaceful

If just one was to listen for them.

Silence speaks louder than real words

If one was to listen to them.

Confusions would fade

Better connections made.


Tears in my eyes
Pain in my soul
Double edged
Sword blade
Jutting out of whole.

Jagged ends
Serrated rends
Meandering mends
Fire & agony blends
Or just a hyperbole.

Day in, day out,
Minute by minute
Death inside
Escape eludes
Silent scream, silent shout.

Now it is,
A final lament,
A final goodbye
To happiness and pain
And the carcass on rent.

A Drop…

A drop from heavens
Falls on the fiery earth
Quenches its thirst.

A drop from the heavens
Cools the hot sweat
In it I bathe.

A drop from the heavens
On the yellowed leaves
Has the promise of life.

A drop from the heavens
Scorches all with its coolness
Soaks in the cells.

A drop from the heavens
Brings along its friends
Energizes the sultriness.

A drop for the heavens
Gives it quality
Vows of redemption.


The rains are here… Had the first showers yesterday… It was beautiful here… And my BPD mind only wanted to run out and get drenched and dance in the rains… Had to control the urge… Was so difficult with the grey-black skies and big droplets coming down from the heavens! I have a yearning inside me… I feel so unsettled and cut off somehow…as if a limb of mine is missing… Dunno if it’s rains or BPD… It’s a pleasure pain of a unique kind…