Stuck stuck stuck…. ‘Til its ugly end!
Roll over or bend…. Mend and rend
The bare flesh of man.

Unholy sighting…. The caw-caws then
Wending through the glen
Slave for that span.

A hole in the ground… Make it deep
To lay the dead…. To bury asleep
Least to do, to dignify the clan.

Shreds of humanity explode, rain
With blood, gore and the bygone chains.
Born caged, freed in death!

A Rage…


I have held the raging beast,
With its horns,
My arms aflame,
With raging agony.

Just hold on for a moment awhile,
I smell the victory,
With the rising sun,
In all its glory.

Arms blooded,
The task herculean,
Muscles torn,
Misery yet unborn.

The wispy promise of victory yet,
The drunk revelry of success.
Against all odds,
Life flourishes.

I throw all my rage and emotion,
Hideous beast my soul’s creation.
Beloved, deadly – a dangerous combination.
A beauty, a siren, a nymph, a tease.


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The days are dark,
Rest seems so bright,
Exist do I,
Between the night and right!

A paradox it presents,
To me in perfect harmony,
Entire civilizations,
Time’s testimony!

Years gone by,
I search for light,
Temptations slither by,
Clouding my clear sight!

Reason knows not,
What heart understands,
No greater power,
In heavens or lands!

A hand exchangeth,
A blessing for life,
The mighty pause by,
Though the time flies!

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