The Pause Button…

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Take a pause
From the busy life!

A life which has no time
To stop and wonder,
About the mysterious world around us,
A life which can no longer ponder,
On the velvet of the starry night sky.

Dreams were meant to be adventures,
In many parallel worlds of existence,
Alas! We grew up into cold-hearted adults,
We made our dreams our bane of existence.

Gave up our curiosity and innocence,
We became the demons of realism,
It’s good to be practical,
But what cost is the loss of our clean hands?

We who were so passionate, so driven,
Could scale the highest mountain for sheer fun!
Now we are bowed down by,
Lifeless bodies of our own ambition.

So take a pause,
From the busy life.
Enjoy the smile of a newborn,
Feel the touch of a loved one,
The serenity of the early dawn.
The gratitude of the helpless one,
The cool fingers of winter wind,
The playfulness of the grassy green,
Take a pause to just breathe in,
An imperfect life full of Him!

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Life in Binary…

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A keen sense of loss,
Intense is the desolation,
Dreary seems the world,
I’m going through the motions.

The motions that are necessary,
If you want to call yourself alive,
Though I do wonder what use is life,
When it’s just meant for pain and strife.

Or is one meant to,
Conquer all and emerge a hero?
What use is such analysis,
If the only denominator is zero?

The zero that begets infinity,
An infinity of life and death,
And whatever goes in between,
A recurring chain of binary!

All human lives and actions,
Replaced with zero and one,
That I see no exceptions,
Similar patterns, unique none!

Now I see the code of life,
Everything is suddenly clear,
There’s no pain or strife anymore
Only the path to action!

A Day At Office…

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Getting bored at my desk,
After lunch I feel sleepy,
And if I don’t get some rest
I’ll either scream or get all weepy!

The drudgery of each day at office,
Has made me so slow like a tortoise,
And when I thought myself a rabbit –
Now all day I do is make some noise!

I am surrounded on all sides by idiots,
I wonder how they are okay without brains,
I ponder frequently on this problem
‘Til all my formidable power drains!

Now after these long years,
One thing that I have realized,
The smart are the rare commodity,
Whereas idiots are the way of life!

So, why do you feel so blue my friend?
One day the world will change again!
And it will belong to you and me
The idiots will be off the train!

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