Stuck stuck stuck…. ‘Til its ugly end!
Roll over or bend…. Mend and rend
The bare flesh of man.

Unholy sighting…. The caw-caws then
Wending through the glen
Slave for that span.

A hole in the ground… Make it deep
To lay the dead…. To bury asleep
Least to do, to dignify the clan.

Shreds of humanity explode, rain
With blood, gore and the bygone chains.
Born caged, freed in death!


A Lil Messed Up…

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So I am messed up
I own it up
How do you live a life
Without right turns and wrong?

So you are messed up
You don’t own it up
You think you’re not
Then you are lying to self!

I’m not ashamed
I proudly proclaim
Have made thousand mistakes
Gonna make a thousand more.

They are all mine
None can take them away
Pieces of my life
The total sum of all.

Every bit of wisdom
Learning I have made.
Every bad decision
Merits a mention.

So I am messed up
Flavors of life
The good, bad and ugly
Just add to the spice.

So we are messed up
Rhythms of world
Survival of fittest
The weak ones are culled.


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Our entire lives, we do pretend
To be happy, contented men!
Wear so many faces just to conceal,
The ugly truth of our lives real!
In the chaos – unruly, lawless,
Forget the beauty of the truth flawless!
Elaborate masks, elaborate designs,
Artful talks, scripted lines!
Tangled webs, convoluted lies
Layered meanings, broken ties!
Depths unfathomed, shallow faiths,
Hungry faces, painted wraiths!

Oh! Where is the serenity of the pure faced?
Where is the beauty of the simply laced?
Why so blinded with the dazzling lights?
Where is the yearning for pristine sights?
Oh! You foolish, foolish man!
From the fire, into the frying pan!
Keep jumping, hopping all the while,
Why not tarry in the last mile?
Unmask your face now the ball has ended,
The masquerade’s done, all trials fended!