Runaway Town…


Soul deep tiredness
Creep in the bones
Drudgery of dailiness
Sink in like stones.

Runaway Town
Flight of one.
Takeoff, touchdown
Crash and burn.

A bumpy ride,
A landing happy.
A dark underside,
A terrain trappy.

An empty, old shell,
Exposed, naked seat.
Stuck in a marshy dell.
In the sun and sleet

A tired husk,
A dry skeleton.
A solemn dusk,
A final home run.


An Evensong…

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The sun goes down,
The stars peep out,
Ocean waves get high,
The moon calls by.

The breeze cools down,
All mellow sounds now,
Twinkling lights crop up,
In the distance!

The birds fly away,
To their well-earned rest,
Crickets and cicadas,
Join in the fest.

Night flowers bloom,
Fade away the gloom,
The moths by candle-light,
Dance in soft delight.

“All the day beings,
Settle in their nests.
Ye tired feet,
It’s time for some rest!”

“Now come back home,
Lay down your concerns,
By the warmth of the hearth,
Tarry your tired bones.”

“In the coze of the dark,
Dream away the night.
In the arms of your beloved
Greet the dawn of the light!”