Runaway Town…


Soul deep tiredness
Creep in the bones
Drudgery of dailiness
Sink in like stones.

Runaway Town
Flight of one.
Takeoff, touchdown
Crash and burn.

A bumpy ride,
A landing happy.
A dark underside,
A terrain trappy.

An empty, old shell,
Exposed, naked seat.
Stuck in a marshy dell.
In the sun and sleet

A tired husk,
A dry skeleton.
A solemn dusk,
A final home run.

Broken Wings…

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Broken wings,
There you be,
Awaiting things,
The dreams you see.

The promise of youth,
Glory of pink,
Shrieks uncouth,
No worries to think.

Now it’s gone,
So far far away,
Destiny’s pawn,
You hold no sway.

Broken wings,
It’s a new beginning.
The East wind brings,
Glad tidings!

Broken wings,
No tear to mend,
No ill clings,
No wound to tend.

Broken wings,
You are healed.
Race the wind,
Dreams fulfilled.

Soar on high,
Blue skies are home.
No earthly tie,
Free soul to roam!