The Question of Life…

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Mortal ties,
Material coils,
Physical lies,
Earthly foils.

Elaborate webs,
Wispy dreams we weave.
Ethereal tapestries,
To illusions we cleave.

Lives and deaths,
Infinitely looped.
The cycle unbroken,
Seduced and duped.

Daily existence,
A mirage or truth?
Questions galore,
Of old men and the youth.

The finality of death
Or just a ruse?
A change of clothes
Or payment overdue?

The wonder of life,
Mundane subsistence.
Yearning for miracles,
A quest for permanence.

The theory of evolution
Or a godly accident?
Either a normal life
Or a heavenly event.

Love: A Mirage

Love is but a mirage,
A lifetime you wait for it,
Still remains it,
A distant dream.

Shining like a beacon,
Luring you in,
Unwary the traveller,
Trapped within forever.

A cage it is,
Not so golden or silk,
Woven rather,
With fragile heartstrings.

You yearn a soliloquy,
It wants a symphony,
Pleasure or pain,
With it accompanies.

The cresendo amplifies,
The end’s in sight,
A burst of sunshine,
Or ashes left by.