A Lil Messed Up…

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So I am messed up
I own it up
How do you live a life
Without right turns and wrong?

So you are messed up
You don’t own it up
You think you’re not
Then you are lying to self!

I’m not ashamed
I proudly proclaim
Have made thousand mistakes
Gonna make a thousand more.

They are all mine
None can take them away
Pieces of my life
The total sum of all.

Every bit of wisdom
Learning I have made.
Every bad decision
Merits a mention.

So I am messed up
Flavors of life
The good, bad and ugly
Just add to the spice.

So we are messed up
Rhythms of world
Survival of fittest
The weak ones are culled.


Keep Walking!


This journey of life is about finding your “self” or the absence of it. Keeping walking!

Good and bad is a myth. There is only experience. Embrace it. Learn from it. Persevere. Evolve. Keep walking!