It’s time to rest, little heart, little heart

It’s time to slumber, little birdie.

Rest your tired feet

On my soothing shoulder

Tarry awhile and meet

All the gentle souls of this old house.

What makes you wary, little heart?

What keeps you awake, little birdie?

Is it the crumbling walls of this house?

Or is it the sense of a deep darkness within unroused?

Do not worry, dear little heart!

Do not worry, dear little birdie!

The darkness hurts only those

Who have malicious intent in their hearts

Not those with pure hearts to keep their part.

Now fly away, little heart, little heart

Go away, little birdie

The storm is past, little heart, little heart

The weight is lost, little birdie.

It’s time to rest, little heart, little heart

It’s time to slumber, little birdie.

The Path…


The dark path or the path towards light… It’s a choice… The path towards light is good, is right…. But the dark path – oh so tempting!

I resist the temptation…. Moment by moment…. A moment resisted is a moment conquered….

Keep resisting… Keep walking…

In The Driver Seat…

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If we spend all our lives reacting to the various stimuli around us,
Then when’s the time to stand up and act?
What difference in  being animals and humans?
If we can’t take control of our lives and make of it what we always wanted to?
If this realization is now,
So the time is now!​
Become the master of your own destiny,
Make your dreams come true…
Live the life you always dreamt of or die trying.
At least then you would have been true to yourself…
Why react when you can act?
Nothing comes easy in life!
Why take the easy way out?
If it has to be difficult, so be it…
Make the most of it…
Do what you were born for…
Be firm in your convictions…
Believe in your inner strength…
Remove the self doubts…
The time is now!
Take control…

Is it really worth growing up?

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Is it really worth growing up? What is it that we gain by growing up – pressures, tensions, responsibilities, anxieties, heartbreak? What else? Job, money, family, economic and social standing, etc! What do we lose? The innocence of childhood, the incessant curiosity, the thrill of discovery, the wonder of knowledge gained, the sleep of the blessed, the bellyaching laughter, the zest for adventure!

In living our lives the way we do, we forget to actually enjoy it – and I am not talking about the grown-up things that we all try to find happiness in but of the things that made up happy when we were kids – something as simple as a spot of sunshine after days of heavy rains so that you could play with your friends or your favourite food made by your mother or a new ruin to explore, a new story to create! So many simple things, such simple, uncomplicated joys!

What happens to us when we grow up? Why do we become so jaded, so cynical? Why does our happiness become so complicated? Why don’t we just stop living for a moment and just be alive to it – fully, completely alive? Why don’t we just throw away our grown up masks, shed our grown up skins and dance naked in this moment we have with no worries, no pretense, no deadlines??? And finally be alive – truly alive and truly happy – for as I am discovering the older I grow – real happiness is not extrinsic, it comes from within! It’s not in how much you earn, how many houses you have, which car you drive or where your kids go to school. It depends solely on you – on a life well-lived!

Happiness is not the state of your pride, ego or identity. It is the state of your heart, mind and soul! And they are never so unblemished as in childhood… So nourish it, nurture it – dream, dance, laugh out loud, scream, shout, fly away on your imaginary wings, race yourself to the end of galaxy, take leaps of faith and last but not the least, love yourself and live in every moment you have! Don’t be jaded, don’t be cynical – combine the best parts of your life – the perspicacity of adulthood & the innocence of childhood and be alive!

Or do you think they are mutually exclusive???

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The Betrayal…


What do you feel,
After you acknowledge
The betrayal that
You do to yourself?
In the stark mirror
Do you see your eyes?
Do you perceive
The truth about self?
What is it you see?
An angel face
Or the monster –
From it stares?
You want to end it all?
Do you want to die?
Or stubbornness of life
Stops you by?
Or you can love it
Give it all you have –
Just like a bed of roses
With the thorns unseen.
The betrayal then
Becomes bittersweet
A life of pain
Yet a victory so sweet!


Why sell yourself short?


Don’t sell yourself short. Never sell yourself short because if you don’t believe in “you”, if you don’t trust “yourself” then who else will. You are the best person to know yourself, to judge yourself! Then why sell yourself short? Why belittle yourself? Why put yourself down? There seems no reason, at least none logical ones! And yet I see people belittling themselves, never achieving their true potential. I even find myself doing so on occasions. And then I wonder why? Why would a mostly rational person like me do that? I asked myself and arrived at some simple yet stunning revelations.

The most prominent yet the most destructive of all is – the couch potato syndrome! Getting so used to your current situation that despite of being tired of it and knowing how harmful it is, you are so comfortable in it that you force yourself to make do with it. It maybe your job, your relationship – any facet of your life – whatever it is, you make your peace with it and call yourself grown-up, responsible, matured! They are just some more words to push down yourself, your self-confidence. The second is – giving up your dreams and making the best with the second or even the third-rate. Why? Maybe because following your dreams takes more time, more efforts, more patience than you have to give! Maybe because of the peer pressure, family pressure to grow up, be responsible and move on with  life! But mostly because we become more and more scared of living as we grow up, of standing alone, taking the challenge and following through our dreams.

What we forget is that while moving on with life is necessary, what we “often” leave behind are the best parts of our “selves” – the light, carefree nature, the ready smiles, the zest for adventure, the ease and comfort of letting go! So many things which defined us, delighted us, made us into better persons, helped us evolve – just vanish along the way. What remains behind is the tired husk of man bowed down by responsibilities, commitments – so many of them! In the eagerness to grow up, we give up the curiosity of childhood. In order to conform, we give up individuality. That we yearned for in our youth remains now just a silly, far-fetched dream. We lose ourselves, our belief in the inner self, the strength, the trust, the absolute confidence in our dreams – we put ourselves down, we make do! We live a half-life, an unfulfilled, unsatisfactory, miserable half-life!

Ask yourself why! Life’s only once – Live full!

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Why is being bad so easy?


Why is being bad so easy as compared to good? I often ponder upon it. Anger is easier than forgiving someone. Greed is easier than being satisfied with what one has. Anxiety is easier than just letting go. I think I might have found an answer. I will not get into defining good and bad here since that is not the objective here.

In my experiments with spirituality, in the search of one true peace, I have tried various meditation techniques. One of them dwells on observing the sensations that arise in the body. The technique is Vipassana – an age old meditation technique teaching the path of wisdom to those who seek it. Though I am just an initiate in this technique, what I learnt through it was quite enlightening – that each and every moment, a sensation or more arises in the body and passes away. These sensations can be categorized into two groups; gross and subtle sensations.

Now, the gross sensations are so strong and intense that it is very difficult to ignore them without reacting as is taught in the technique while the subtle sensations are so ephemeral that it takes a very concentrated mind to perceive and experience them, let alone ignore them. For example, it is easier to feel pain in your leg after sitting in one position for a long duration than to feel the play of a light breeze against your skin. The exercise is to develop a well-balanced mind that maintains its neutrality/balance in times of adversity and prosperity both. I will not expound more on the technique as I am just a layman yet.

So, where do these sensations come from? These are born of our thoughts and actions in every single moment of the day. Our daily activities and interactions with the environment around us create these non-ceasing sensations in our body. During the course of meditation, one is taught to concentrate one’s mind so that one can experience these sensations and understand their true nature. It takes years of practice to train the mind to keep it calm and focused. So what happens to the untrained mind – as most of us have? The untrained mind is mostly tuned to feel the gross sensations as they are very intense and strong and then, just to react to them, to satisfy them instantly (self gratification at its fastest!). It cannot detect the subtle, ephemeral sensations as it takes a lot of efforts and these sensations get lost in the torrents of intense feelings.

The other thing that I learnt during my meditations was that most of the gross sensations are connected to negative feelings like anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, envy, etc whereas all the good things like love, peace, charity, goodwill, kindness, etc are linked with the subtle sensations. Therein, I believe lies the answer to the dilemma of why is bad so much easier than good. Remember, how strongly we react to all the wrongdoings done unto us whereas all the happy, warm memories flit away from our minds like butterflies. It is in our very nature to be easily led to vice than virtue. Our untrained minds perceive and react to the gross sensations very quickly and strongly as opposed to the subtle sensations. Thus, doing wrong again and again is easier than doing right. In other words, we can say we have a predilection towards bad things that hurt us and others. But, herein, also lies one other very significant fact – that we have highly trainable minds and we can train them to be good, happy and peaceful rather than angry, anxious and bitter. It is also in our nature to have free will, reason and the power to exert them. As with everything else in life, it is a choice. So, what will yours be?

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