A Rage…


I have held the raging beast,
With its horns,
My arms aflame,
With raging agony.

Just hold on for a moment awhile,
I smell the victory,
With the rising sun,
In all its glory.

Arms blooded,
The task herculean,
Muscles torn,
Misery yet unborn.

The wispy promise of victory yet,
The drunk revelry of success.
Against all odds,
Life flourishes.

I throw all my rage and emotion,
Hideous beast my soul’s creation.
Beloved, deadly – a dangerous combination.
A beauty, a siren, a nymph, a tease.


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You come creeping in
Like a silent ghost
Or you come barging in
Like an honoured guest.
However it may be
You refuse to leave.
You put down your roots
Slyly steal the loots
No I, my or me
You take over my self
You reel me in
Like a fish on the hook
I flop and twist
But I can’t escape.
Maybe I am bedazzled
Enticed by your glamour fake
You hijack the physical
You cast an allure mystical
I’m just an ordinary being
There’s nothing supernatural.
I’m caught like a mouse
You are my Pied Piper
I dance on your tune
Dark, insane or violent.
You are now a fire
Burning in my cells
Melting the original
Morphing into something else.
I look into the mirror
I see a face reflected back
Human in origin
But bestial and dead.

An addiction in my brain
An addiction in my blood
Can’t give it up, can’t give it up
My life is down this dark lane.

It’s been a long time now
Since we have been one
You have eaten me up
Swallowed piecemeal and whole.
My faithful friend and foe
Now where do you go?
Leaving me dying
You search your next victim.
So many lined up
So many at the rim.
Will you push in just one?
Or play with many?
Now at the end
My vision’s clear
I sight your true nature.
You are a bloated beast.
My sisters and brothers
On their carcass you feast.
How I repent now
My own misguided folly
A moment of weakness
A lifetime of excess.
In this last moment
I relinquish your hold.
Light is my soul
As l break free of this mould.

An addiction in my brain
An addiction in my blood
Can’t give it up, can’t give it up
My life is down this dark lane.

The Beast In Me…


The beast in me
Wakes each monsoon,
Rises to the surface,
Wants to be free.
Clamors in my soul,
It paws my skin,
Ripping it to pieces,
Stalks out and roars.
Round the year,
I rein it in,
But with the first shower,
It claims me.
Bestial nature,
Reduced to primitive promptings,
The veneer of civilization,
The conditioning runs thin.
Rages with the storms,
Dances naked in the torrents,
Dazzles like the lightening,
Elemental it is.
The beast in me,
Hungers and lusts,
A raw, earthy mating,
Craves physical touch.
The beast in me,
One with the universe,
Transcends the material barrier,
Beyond the veil it goes.
Dripping in sensuality,
Marked with wonder,
Unravelling mysteries,
Of the dark, human nature.
And when the rains are done,
It goes back to slumber,
Its experiences and discoveries,
Soaked in cells and soul.
Every monsoon,
An incremental awakening,
On the physical and spiritual planes,
The gift of the beast in me!