On My Way…

On my way
Of this life
I feel wonder
I feel strife

I daily question
The nature of it
Then laugh again
In the next bit.

What is it
That makes up this life?
Is it the small joys
Or the pain that’s rife?

The souls I meet
In this journey
Are they mates?
Or competitiors in some tourney?

What is life?
I daily wonder
The smile of innocent
Or the wicked’s plunder?

To comprehend I try
I struggle and struggle
But in the end
Is it worth the trouble?

Life is made of
Such paradoxes
Births and Deaths
Concaves and Convexes

I daily question
The nature of it
Then laugh again
In the next bit.

And then I think
What would I do?
If I knew it all
Pain and pleasure too.

It’s better to leave
Some mystery to life
Brighter is the world then
Lessens the pain and strife.

I no more question
The nature of it
Just laugh again
Now and in the next bit.


2 thoughts on “On My Way…

  1. So analytical. But most of the people dont analyse so much. They live like last coupleof stanzas. So do I. And after so much of analysis, the ‘poet’ concludes the same. So now I question why analyse so much?


    • Man has been given a brain to think and analyse… It’s his responsibility to himself and the human race to think… Just going through the motions without any kind of analysis about his thoughts or actions equates him to the less intelligent four legged kind we have left behind not too far in the past… I believe it’s what we owe to ourselves and our future generation… When one arrives at a conclusion after analysis then only is it valid… Before that one is just existing… That kind of existence is no existence… At least for me…


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