Is there a God?

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What does it matter whether there is a God or not? So long as whatever you believe in comforts you when you need comfort, encourages and motivates you when you need courage and motivation, inspires you when you need inspiration, becomes a shoulder to cry on or a punching bag when you want to let out these feelings trapped inside you and last but not the least, brings you peace when you most need it – is enough!


2 thoughts on “Is there a God?

  1. I used to believe that, but I eventually came to the conclusion that I care about whether or not my beliefs match reality. Believing in Santa was really comforting and even fun when I was little, but I wouldn’t want to go back to believing in him just because that false belief was enjoyable. While I would never force someone to agree with me–I think everyone should come to their own conclusions–I’d like to see more people care about whether or not their beliefs are true. That’s all I have to say about that.


    • Dear Nancy,

      You ought to believe in whatever you believe. Self realization is a long and arduous journey that requires an unbiased mind, insatiable curiosity and constant dedicated and sincere efforts. Only after one has achieved it should one think about other people and their beliefs and try to guide them otherwise one will get distracted from one’s own path. A blind person cannot lead/guide another blind person lest they both fall in a pit. The quest for God is a path of peace, open-mindedness, tolerance…not arguments, fighting, wars or fanaticism…. It is extremely personal and individualistic in nature… That’s all I meant….


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