Leave Me Be…

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What else do I mean to you,
Except for a girl with issues!
I see you getting bored with me,
Going crazy with my highs and lows.

I wonder what I could have done different,
Told you everything in the very beginning,
Even warned you against the mercurial being,
That resided along with the normal me.

You presumed you could handle it all,
Which was your first wrong thought.
I shouted, I screamed , begged you to leave me,
But you never heard the “no” that my lips wrought!

Now that you have become my habit,
You want to just shrug me off,
I can’t believe your words that fall on my ears,
Still can’t trust the proof of it.

‘Cause you see I believed in you,
To be more than a fair-weather friend,
Never thought you would give it up so easy,
Just as the terrain became a bit tough!

I know I am hard to live with,
But at least you could have given your best,
You think I ask too much from you,
But your heart knows I first passed this test…

Now you expect me to break down and cry,
Then you’ll be waiting for it a long time,
My mind is precious, my tears too,
To waste on you further as this is the end…


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