A Day At Office…

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Getting bored at my desk,
After lunch I feel sleepy,
And if I don’t get some rest
I’ll either scream or get all weepy!

The drudgery of each day at office,
Has made me so slow like a tortoise,
And when I thought myself a rabbit –
Now all day I do is make some noise!

I am surrounded on all sides by idiots,
I wonder how they are okay without brains,
I ponder frequently on this problem
‘Til all my formidable power drains!

Now after these long years,
One thing that I have realized,
The smart are the rare commodity,
Whereas idiots are the way of life!

So, why do you feel so blue my friend?
One day the world will change again!
And it will belong to you and me
The idiots will be off the train!

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