Is it really worth growing up?

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Is it really worth growing up? What is it that we gain by growing up – pressures, tensions, responsibilities, anxieties, heartbreak? What else? Job, money, family, economic and social standing, etc! What do we lose? The innocence of childhood, the incessant curiosity, the thrill of discovery, the wonder of knowledge gained, the sleep of the blessed, the bellyaching laughter, the zest for adventure!

In living our lives the way we do, we forget to actually enjoy it – and I am not talking about the grown-up things that we all try to find happiness in but of the things that made up happy when we were kids – something as simple as a spot of sunshine after days of heavy rains so that you could play with your friends or your favourite food made by your mother or a new ruin to explore, a new story to create! So many simple things, such simple, uncomplicated joys!

What happens to us when we grow up? Why do we become so jaded, so cynical? Why does our happiness become so complicated? Why don’t we just stop living for a moment and just be alive to it – fully, completely alive? Why don’t we just throw away our grown up masks, shed our grown up skins and dance naked in this moment we have with no worries, no pretense, no deadlines??? And finally be alive – truly alive and truly happy – for as I am discovering the older I grow – real happiness is not extrinsic, it comes from within! It’s not in how much you earn, how many houses you have, which car you drive or where your kids go to school. It depends solely on you – on a life well-lived!

Happiness is not the state of your pride, ego or identity. It is the state of your heart, mind and soul! And they are never so unblemished as in childhood… So nourish it, nurture it – dream, dance, laugh out loud, scream, shout, fly away on your imaginary wings, race yourself to the end of galaxy, take leaps of faith and last but not the least, love yourself and live in every moment you have! Don’t be jaded, don’t be cynical – combine the best parts of your life – the perspicacity of adulthood & the innocence of childhood and be alive!

Or do you think they are mutually exclusive???

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