About Rule Books, Null Hypothesis & Social Sense…


Have you ever felt that the entire world around you has a rule book but you! I have been in such scenarios many times… And what I do next is even worse – make certain assumptions, presumptions and watch myself fall flat on my face! But then, how can one make any assumptions about something one cannot even comprehend? The best way would be by laying down a null hypothesis and then by following a logical procedure to prove it correct or false. All this is fine and good for a scientific experiment but what about a social one?

For the sake of argument, let’s say that it is possible to assume, presume, predefine, hypothesize and generally conduct a social experiment but what are the chances that you will succeed in your endeavour? In a scientific experiment, it is easier to make logical and knowledgeable assumptions but pretty difficult to do so in a social one if you do not have a well-developed social “sense” or in other words – the rule book! All human beings are involved in social experiments at every stage in their lives thus, resulting in their respective success or failure in the society. Let us see how the different economic classes deal it.

1. The Rich Class: There are a very few things that transcend this necessity for social “sense” like money, fame, power, etc. The rich class is just too rich or powerful to be bothered by social failures. Still, even the rich class is involved in the social experiments; just not as affected by them in case of failures.

2. The Poor Class: As with the poor class, it is too poor to be bothered with social “sense”, too engrossed in trying to make ends meet to worry about social experiments and yet, they do participate in this exercise up to a certain extent. It would be safe to assume that this need to identify, interact with and judge other human beings in hardwired in our psychology.

3. The Middle Class: The middle class, by far, is the largest percentage of human beings involved in the social experiments. Bogged down by thousands of morals and principles, they undertake the most interesting and richly diversified social experiments, thereby creating fascinating interaction patterns and behaviours. The best thing is that they have different rules of behaviour in almost similar circumstances which does account for a veritable smorgasbord of human behaviour. Thus, the middle class is the most concerned with social “sense” without which it believes the entire society would collapse or descend into anarchy. So, to prevent this, it keeps on conducting experiments based on its social “sense”, thereby, adding to it even in case of a failure.

So, what are the people like me who lack social “sense” but belong to the middle class supposed to do? These are the social misfits since they do not have the rule book that the majority are equipped with. They feel out-of-sync no matter how brilliant they maybe in the personal or professional lives. The smart thing to do would be to acquire a rule book for self – by befriending someone who has one and comprehends it clearly and then, taking lessons from them, conducting your own social experiments with a control group (maybe a group of friends) and a placebo group (maybe some strangers), comparing results and Eureka! You develop your own social “sense”! The society which was a mystery for so long is no more mysterious. You will be able to perceive it in all its glory (debatable?) and your experiments will be more successful than just plain duds! All this, of course, if you want to make an effort….


6 thoughts on “About Rule Books, Null Hypothesis & Social Sense…

  1. Be it any class, these “Rule Books” you say, keep on having their own amendments. There is no denying that it takes time, generations maybe, but it does. And these amendments are brought by the people who are “social misfits” as you have mentioned, who lack social sense etc., Thats why its necessary that they try, they take effort and acquire a rule book for self.


    • The amendments are brought on by all sorts of people engaged in social experiments…. But for the social misfits, it’s a choice whether they want to engage in the experiments or not…. And all the social misfits that I have met till date do want to…. Most just don’t know the way to success…. This article is for such people…. To help them out…:)


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